Part Exchange

A simple way to move

With the Pilgrims Retreat Home Exchange Scheme you can avoid the hassles of selling your property and the uncertainty of whether you will be able to move to your new Pilgrims Retreat Home.

Once you've chosen your Pilgrims Retreat home, decided where on the park you wish to move to, and have accepted a home exchange offer on your existing property, The process of your brand new Pilgrims home can move along very quickly (as little as 10-12 weeks).

No Estate Agent Fees

With Home Exchange you avoid paying any Estate Agent's fees,Solicitors fees and stamp duty.

How does it work?

Once you have decided to buy a Pilgrims Retreat Home, a reservation is made on the plot of your choice, up to two local Surveyors will view your existing property and submit a report from which a price can be agreed.

Solicitors are instructed and the sale and purchase will proceed to exchange of contracts and completion without delay.

Let's Talk

If you think the Home Exchange Scheme could be the solution to the worries and hassle of selling your property, then give us a call on 01622 859 648

We are more than happy to explain the scheme and see whether your property meets with the criteria for Home Exchange.

Let Pilgrims Retreat take the worries of selling your property off your hands.

The Benefits

  1. Pilgrims Retreat's Home Exchange Scheme is a simple, easy, quick solution to changing your lifestyle.
  2. There are many benefits to Home Exchange, both financial and non-financial, that makes it so attractive.
  3. Selling your current property will involve appointments to show complete strangers around your home. Regrettably some of these will be time wasters.Our Home Exchange can avoid this.
  4. Home Exchange will eliminate the delays and disappointments associated with collapsed chains.
  5. Similar delays caused by mortgage availability for purchases are also avoided as Home Exchange is comparable to a cash buyer.
  6. There are no estate agent fees, No stamp duty and No solicitors fees to pay.
  7. The speed of Home Exchange means you can be living your new lifestyle sooner, rather than waiting and hoping.
  8. Valuations fees and holding costs are paid for on your behalf. You will need to employ a solicitor to deal with your side of the sale (we can put you in touch with one who is familiar with the scheme if you wish).
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